Industrial gases are used across the world at every hour of the day for different purposes, like welding, cooling, heating, cleaning and laboratory analyses. Industrial gases supplied by AGA are necessary for different industries: metallurgychemical industry, food industry, environmental protection, electronic industry, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry etc. We can offer laser gases, bulk gases, plasma gases, as well as ODOROX ® odorized oxygen and MISON® shielding gases.
Industrial gases have different qualities and are used in many different areas – for instance, industrial gas can be used to accelerate or decelerate processes or heat up or cool down materials. They play many roles and their usefulness can even be defined by what form they take - gas, cryogenic liquid or even as a solid.
Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide that are used in manufacturing and process industry today are available and can be rented in single cylinders or in manifolds. In many gas solutions or applications gas mixtures are commonly used.  With these premium gases you can increase the quality or your production and products, enhance the efficiency of processes and thereby increase the profitability of your business.   

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