The main production building is located in an 18 x 40 m steel hangar, height up to roof structure 7,2 m. The other is in a 15 x 32 m arch steel building. The Karksi-Nuia Plant belongs to Viljandi Metall since 1996.
The plant is focused on producing small boilers and accumulator tanks and other heating equipment and accessories.


In cooperation with the Swedish partner ES Tradinguga sündis he boiler Molle was created. It conforms to the strict environmental requirements and to this day is the best boiler for its environmentally and customer-friendly qualities.

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In cooperation with  Tallinna Soojustehnika Instituudi ja SB Keskütteseadmed AS a new central heating boiler "Pelle" has been worked out. This boiler is designed for operation with a gas burner, light oil burner or pellet burner. The boiler is very efficient with an efficiency coefficient more than 0.9. It requires minimum maintenance compared to alternative products. Additionally it has an option of electric heating and a spiral can be added to meet everyday hot water needs.

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The authorised distributor and installer of this boiler in Estonia is SB Kütteseadmed AS We manufacture accumulator tanks, which are stationary hot water containers with working pressure up to 2.0 bar, operating temperature up to 95°C and capacity of 600, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500 litres, used for heat storage in central heating and water supply systems.

Measurements and connection diagrams can be found here

Valmistame ka erimõõdulisi akumulaatorpaake.

Meie nomenklantuuris on veel soojavee boilerid mahuga 100, 125, 200 ja 300 liitrit, boilerieid saab tellida nii ühekordse- kui ka topeltkestaga.

We also produce tailor-made accumulator tanks. Our standard hot water heater capacities are 100, 125, 200 and 300 litres. Heaters can be ordered with single or double casing. We produce sauna stoves with excellent heating qualities and durability. We also manufacture convection stoves.

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