AS VMT Betoon was founded as an independent production company in 1991, based on the production unit of the former Viljandi KEK, which mainly operated in series production of reinforced concrete products for the KEK agricultural building industry. Now it produces and transports concrete mixes, and manufactures mainly custom-made reinforced concrete products.   There are 15 employees in the company.

Production of concrete mixes takes place in two technologically separate concrete mixing units of 25m3/h and 10m3/h production capacity. We produce mixes made of lime, granite and expanded clay as filler materials.   We use cements produced by Kunda Nordic Tsement. Additives regulating the plasticity, hardening, waterproofness and resistance to cold of the mixes are chosen among the produce of AS Semtu and OÜ Topfloor.

Quality. The quality of concrete mixes is evaluated according to GOST 26633-91 standards. Transfer to EVS-EN standards will take place gradually over the coming years, in line with the updating of all design and building activities according to these standards. Analysis of source materials and testing the compressive strength of the concrete is conducted in the company's laboratory. In addition, we have made a quality monitoring contract with the laboratory of OÜ Teede Laboratoorium and AS Teede Tehnokeskus "EhitusTEST".

Transport and handling of concrete mixes. Mixes are transported to building site by mixer trucks with 4...8m3 capacity. To place the mix in formwork the 3...6 m chute of the mixer truck or 12 m conveyor belt can be used. For pumping the mix there is a separate pump with 30m3/h capacity, 18 m high mast and 30 m concrete pumping hose.

Concrete element production line today includes series products for well elements and foundation elements for masts used in building communication and electrical lines.


Custom-made products include isolated foundations, r/b columns, cover plates for frame buildings, lintels for openings and thermal-insulated base elements.


Production capacity is 5..15 m3 products a day. Our technology enables manufacturing elements up to 12 m long, 2 m wide and lift products with total weight up to 10 t.

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