Viljandi Metall has been constantly developing as an organisation and has become a strong company with more than 30-year tradition in producing and assembling steel structures.
As we operate according to the principle "from idea to solution", the list of our services and products covers everything related with metal. In other words: we help with the idea, find a suitable solution, plan and prepare the design plan, produce and complete the necessary products, assemble and hand the ready-to-use product over to the customer.


Objectives of the VMT Group:
*Hold the leading position among the companies of the respective field in terms of the quality of the offered products and services in the place of business.
*Supply customers with products according to the contract on time and in an economically efficient way for both parties.
*Work constantly on product development, increase production capacity and cost-effectiveness to the extent that makes it possible to continue modernising and intensifying processes in order to guarantee the company's development also in the future.



AS Viljandi Metall (VM) has developed out of a production unit of Viljandi KEK that manufactured steel structures for construction. Therefore it has more than 25 years of experience in steel production.

The production building was completed in the Männimäe industrial area of Viljandi which serves as our company's main base to this day.

1991 Taking advantage of the period of Perestroika, the 60 people who worked for the company at that time rented the production building from Viljandi KEK, bought the current assets and started to operate as an independent leased enterprise.

1993 Started operation as a public limited company Viljandi Metallitööstus. The first export partners were Normek OY in Finland and ES Trading in Sweden.

1994 Installation of metal building structures started in Estonia.

1995 Building of filling stations.

1996 Karksi-Nuia plant was started up.

1997 VMT Ehitus was established as subsidiary.

1998 Reconstruction of the office building in Reinu tee started.

1999 Installation of metal structures in Finland. The industrial building in Reinu tee was expanded and a metal finishing plant was established. The OXYTOME gas cutting machine was bought.

2000 Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the industrial complex in Reinu tee. AS Viljandi Betoon was bought. Construction of EXPO 2000 pavillion in Germany.

2001 The subsidiaries VMT Steel in Finland and VMT Tallinn started operation. The same year the plant in Põltsamaa was opened and a press brake ALIKO 6000-4000 CNC was bought.

2002 2-stage extension to the main factory, lifting capacity was increased by 32 tons. Also an Advanced gas cutter was bought and the canteen was renovated. The name of the company was changed – instead of AS Viljandi Metallitööstus the new name AS Viljandi Metall was used.

2003 Several buildings were completed in Viljandi, e.g. the building materials store, a production building.  



  • VMT peahoone
  • Plasmalõikur
  • Keevitus


2004 In cooperation with partners the hot-dip galvanizing plant Galv-Est was opened.

2005 The subsidiary VMT Katus was founded.


2006 All production activities were separated from the parent company Viljandi Metall and were transferred into a new independent company VMT Tehased AS.


2007 The Rosenberg Villa was renovated. Joining the circle of owners of the Õisu manor estate.


2008 The share in AS Küteks, operating in Turba peat production complex, was bought.

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