VMT Tehased finished production warehouse

VMT Tehased built new warehouse with two precise control cranes


VMT Tehased needed to better protect its finished production from weather. It took only 4 months from the idea to finished building. New material stock has 2 + 2 cranes or separate rails that enable to simultaneously serve both the prefabrication as well as the refinement hall. The crane technical solution was provided by Erikkila and beams was produced by VMT Tehased itself. The cranes have 10t + 10t and 5t + 5t lifting capacity. The PVC is 125 m long 30 m, wide and 9 m high with one side open for cranes to move over 60m material stock that can be weather-proofed in future.

  • PVC hall 125 x 30 x 9 m
  • Concrete posts and floor
  • 10+10, 5+5 cranes