Upside-down House

VMT Tehased produced structures for an upside-down house attraction in Tartu


Upside Down House is a dizzying adventure for everybody – grown-ups and children. The house is literally upside down. Upstairs is downstairs and vice versa. All the things like sofas, kitchen cabinets and everything else, that you usually see on the floor, hang from the ceiling in the Upside Down House. Even the cat. Actually, they are still on the floor, but the floor is the ceiling and the ceiling is the floor and as a matter of fact, it is you, who is upside down.

To support the weight of the house on the roof, the building hides a steel structure beneath the surface that holds it together. VMT Tehased produced the structures and VMT Ehitus carried out the erection process.

  • 3D truss 20 m x 10 m x 4 m
  • NDT tested EN 1090-1 compatible
  • Roosi 86, Tartu - next to Estonian National Museum