VMT Tehased now have Tekla report import capability

VMT Tehased now have developed an quick import application for extracting all the necessary information for production from Tekla single report

July 2018



Tekla Structures is a popular program among designers to create drawings of constructions. VMT Tehased has developed an application that enables customers using Tekla to get the necessary data directly to the VMT Tehased production software. Previously the client sent the drawings to technologist, who manually inserted the assemblies and detail information into special program to create the production routes. Now VMT can send a template file to the customer that Tekla uses to generate a special report and the technologist can upload the report to the VMT software program.

The program has been successfully used by VMT Steel's customers for almost a month and is increasingly becoming used by other clients.

  • The application automatically matches the materials specified in Tekla with the VMT article base
  • Helps to avoid mistakes when inserting
  • Significantly saves time for the technologist and accelerates the production preparation