New improved bandsaw measuring table

An improved automatic bandsaw measuring table enables to measure and cut materials more efficiently; greatly speed up the work process and reduce errors that may occur during mechanical measurement.




Before the first measuring table, measuring rollers with a mechanical clamp were used to fix material at place for cutting. The operator had to bear in mind the current distance where the mechanical clamp was attached. Now the dimensions are constantly visible and changeable at the operator's workplace. Counting off cut details is also automated - the device counts details that have been cut to a particular size and the counter is automatically reset after the new length is set. Counting was previously done on paper.

The bandsaw measuring table seen on the pictures is already third iteration for VMT. A motorized roller for automatic serving and an automatic press for pushing off the material were added with current iteration, as well as the possibility to raise and lower the working surface pneumatically. A motorized roller transports the details to exact position and if the material is cut, a mechanism pushes them down to a suitable place in the storage area. Additionally, it has a sensor that measures the pushed material’s distance from the work surface. When the material starts reaching the measuring surface, the speed of the roller is reduced in sync with the final distance and eventually the roller completely stops. This reduces the impact force on the measuring surface and increases the accuracy and longevity of the device. Measurement is carried out by a servomotor that moves the measuring surface along special linear guides at a speed of 1m / s and ensures accuracy of + - 0.2mm across the table. The dimensions can be inserted and changed in millimeters.

The most challenging part during planning was thinking through the work logic and possible situations that may occur. For example, how to program a device, so that an incompetent use of the device does not result in accident. Secondly, how to measure the current position of the various components in order to avoid different motorized parts of the device interfering with each other's work. The design took 2 months, ordering materials 1 month, and 4 months were spent to set up, test and finish the measuring table.

In the future, cutting could be done automatically. The operator would only have to select the program from the production software and the machine would cut all the materials independently.

  • The additional functionalities :

    • Motorized roller
    • Automatic material serving
    • Pushes the material off the table
    • A sensor that reduces the impact to the measuring surface by gradually decreasing motorized roller`s speed until a complete stop as the material reaches the surface
    • Accuracy + - 0.2mm across the measuring table range
    • Overall length 12.4 m, which is more than double of the length of the previous release - 6 m