K-Kampus office Building

VMT Steel started erecting K-Kampus main office building structures, structures produced by VMT Tehased

20.NOVEMBER, 2017



K-kampus will have offices on six floors and the building will cover almost the entire block. The office building is designed and will be built using the latest knowledge about multipurpose workspaces.
The workspaces will cater for different working needs, which is why they may vary from cafe style meeting places to spaces that offer complete silence. They can also be modified as necessary.
On the lowest floor of the building, the K-Group divisions and partners will be able to present their new products to employees and stakeholders. The K-supermarket to open on the grocery trade floor of the Redi shopping centre, and the K-Market to open in connection with the metro stop can be used for introducing the latest innovations to customers.

  • Kalasatama, Tyƶpajankatu 12, FI-00580 Helsinki
  • 27,000 floor square meters, six floors
  • Workplace of around 1,700 Kesko employees
  • To be completed in spring 2019