Cleveron factory expansion

VMT Ehitus in collaboration with VMT Tehased and VMT Betoon are building Cleveron 6700 m2 factory expansion

2018 beginning



Automated parcel networks producer, Cleveron, started expanding it's production facilities after contracts with Walmart and Inditex. Viljandi Metall designed an expansion project where 2500 m2 facility has no additional support structures inside and therefore has 100% usable space. The expansion consists of 3500 m2 thermal-insulated production space, 2500 m2 PVC hall, and office space expansion 1000 m2 with TABS (Thermally activated building structures). Preparations started in February and the building is planned to be usable by August.

  • 2500 m2 PVC warehouse
  • TABS heating/cooling system
  • 700 m2 office expansion
  • 3500 m2 production hall