VMT Factories is the first company in Estonia to enter the Canadian market




As one of our customer wanted to enter the Canadian market, our Quality Inspector Aleksander took the course at the end of last month to obtain the CSA W 47.1 certification, which entitled VMT Factories to weld steel structures for the Canadian market.

While EN 1090 certification regulates the requirements for steel structures in Europe, the implementing standard CSA CWB W59 18 does so for that market.

To be able to weld for the Canadian market, there must be at least one trained welding supervisor in the company. In order to be certified, our quality inspector had to go through training at the Siemens office in Sweden to pass the lectures and exams prescribed by the Canadian Welding Bureau. The focus was primarily on the W59 and W47 standards, but it also taught how to prepare documentation, how to comply with it, and how to supervise the welders.

To maintain the certificate, the company will be visited by an Canadian representative in every six months , who will be conducting audits, welding exams and reviewing developments. If everything is compliant with the standard, he will be confirming the certificate's validity for the next six months.

VMT Tehased is the first in Estonia to be certified according to the Canadian Implementing Standard. In our region only one Swedish company besides us has this capability.

Pictures: bending examples from the welder`s final exam and the certificate:

  • Application Standard CSA CWB W59 18 regulates the requirements for steel structures in buildings in Canada.
  • The quality inspector passed lectures and exams set by Canadian Welding Bureau at Siemens office in Sweden
  • In order to maintain the certificate , VMT Tehased will be visited every six months by a Canadian representative to extend the certificate as appropriate.
  • VMT Tehased is the second in our region to be certified